Oak framed garages

Paragon Oak specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of oak framed garages and oak framed outbuildings including oak barns or stables. We  pride ourselves on the highest quality products and workmanship and we believe that we make the highest quality oak framed garages and oak framed buildings.

By choosing Paragon Oak for your oak framed garage or oak framed outbuilding you will be getting a bespoke product, our buildings are not mass produced and are designed and installed on a project by project basis ensuring that the customer not only gets a unique high quality oak framed garage or oak framed building.

Paragon Oak will support you from design through to completion and will ensure that we support you through the whole process. We will help with your idea and concept design and advise you where we can through the planning application. Paragon Oak will ensure that we ensure that your brief is clear.

If you are thinking that an oak framed garage or an oak framed outbuilding might be for you then get in touch with us early in the process and we will enjoy hearing about your plans and will help wherever possible. We can show you examples of our work and we can talk to you about what is structurally possible so you can develop your ideas into a buildable oak framed garage.

If you choose Paragon Oak to build and install your oak framed garage or oak framed outbuilding you can be assured that you will receive excellent customer service and project management, the highest quality oak. No other structure offers the warmth, comfort and unrivalled beauty of an oak building. Oak offers a flexibility to create a structure that is not only aesthetically beautiful but fits perfectly into its environment. Oak is extremely strong, durable, versatile and from a completely sustainable source. An oak framed garage just gets better with age, like a fine wine.

Get in touch now we would love to hear your plans.