Why go for an Oak Framed Conservatory or Extension?


If you are looking to extend your home and you want an addition with character you could consider an oak framed conservatory or extension.


An oak frame extension is a very desirable option for those wishing to enlarge any style of home but they certainly lend themselves to the character of a period property. Lots of modern projects also use oak frames so it is a very versatile choice. They are attractive to buyers and tens to increase a house’s value much more than any other type of extension or conservatory.


Oak structures can be traced back to Roman times and had their pomp during the Middle Ages. There were eras in the past where the popularity of brick and stone overtook oak framed buildings but today consumers not only recognise the versatility and longevity of this hardwood but it has become a popular option for people who want to add a characterful, eco-friendly extension.


Benefits of having an oak framed conservatory


Oak gets better with age, so although your oak conservatory will look amazing when it is brand new like lots of natural things in the world when the oak naturally weathers and softens it gets more and more attractive. As oak seasons you can see changes in the tones and textures. No other structure offers the warmth, comfort and sheer beauty of an oak building. No other material offers the scope and flexibility to create a structure that isn’t just aesthetically beautiful, but fits perfectly into its environment.


In addition to the attractiveness of oak it also has impressive green credentials ensuring that you are doing the best to help sustainability and reducing carbon footprints. As components for a build can be manufactured off site build times are often faster than normal.


About the Oak itself


A well designed and built oak frame conservatory or extension can be expected to last for at least 200 years. The majority of the oak used is European or English oak and has recently been felled retaining some moisture, making it easier to work with requiring no chemical treatment. The frame will dry over the years and crack naturally giving you the beautiful look of oak most people imagine.


Will I need planning permission?


Oak-frame conservatories or extensions are subject to the same regulations and rules as any other build project so you must consult your local planning department. It depends on size scale and location as to what rules you need to follow so please check the regulations and get advice if you are at all unsure.

Owners of all listed buildings, or properties within their grounds, must apply for consent to alter or extend.

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