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oak framed building


If you’re potentially selling your home in the future, increasing the value of it as much as possible before you get somebody to value it is always a great idea. This might make you think that you have to make loads of changes, but there is actually one way for you to increase the value of your property significantly and quickly. So, what is it that can increase the value of your home so fast? An oak framed building, of course.


Throughout this blog post, we’re going to tell you what an oak framed building is, why it adds so much value to your home, and why you should have an oak framed building regardless of whether you’re moving to a new home or not.


What’s an oak framed building?


Oak framed buildings aren’t that hard to understand; they’re actually quite self-explanatory. An oak framed building is a construction than has oak as the main building material (in most cases). Oak is a more valuable material than most, so oak framed buildings are traditionally and currently more expensive – therefore more valuable – than other types of construction.


An oak framed building can be multiple things. If you want a space that you can relax in, say an oak framed conservatory, that might be the oak building for you. If you’re looking for some type of storage, that is even an option. Alternatively, you might be looking for a new garage; you can even have an oak framed garage! Basically, there are so many different options for you as a house owner that it is more than worth taking the time to look at.


Why does oak add so much value to any home?


The great thing about oak is that it’s going to add value to any and every home. No matter where your home is situated, you can add value to it with an oak construction, but just why is oak worth so much?


The main reason that oak has such a high value is that it’s an expensive material. While this can raise the costs of construction, it also means that once the construction is complete the value of your home is going to be significantly higher.


The main reason that oak is so valuable is because it simply looks so brilliant; the beauty of oak’s appearance is undeniable, and you’d be hard pushed to find anyone who doesn’t look the appearance of oak.


Why you should have an oak framed addition to your home


Adding a wonderful, oak touch to your home in shape of an oak framed building is a great idea for plenty of reasons; we’re going to tell you a couple of those in some more detail here.


Oak looks great: As we’ve previously mentioned in this article, oak looks brilliant. Once your oak building is finally constructed, that means that it’s going to look beautiful wherever you have had it constructed; whether that’s your back garden or the front of your home, this is a statement feature that will make you immensely proud of your home.


You get more than you put in: Although the initial outlay for your oak extension might seem particularly expensive, that’s nothing compared to how much will be added to the value of your home. In fact, in some cases you can almost double the current value of your property by having an oak framed extension added to the property.


Oak is a sustainable material: The last, and arguably most important reason for adding an oak extension to your home, oak is a sustainable material that we can use time and time again. When compared to other materials that are routinely used in construction, oak is one of the best materials. Why not have a beautiful addition to your home while you help to maintain the environment?

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