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Are you considering the addition of an oak garage to your home? An oak framed garage to your home can help you to fall in love with your property all over again.


Oak is a popular resource for creating garages because of numerous of its fantastic qualities. For example, oak is a material well known for its strength and durability.


Oak is a truly reliable timber that is more than ideal for the construction of your new garage. If you are considering investing in an oak garage, you might be interested in some of the key advantages of such a garage. Therefore, in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the main benefits of oak garages.


Oak garage: oak garages are durable


There is no doubt about the fact that oak framed garages are fairly costly. Therefore, you probably want to make sure you are investing in something that will stand the test of time.

The oak that we use in the construction of oak framed garages is strong and impermeable. Since we use oak that is resistance and robust, we can ensure that the oak frames we create cannot be compromised.


Oak garages hold their aesthetic qualities better than metal garages. Although metal garages can be nice on the eye initially, they are prone to discolouration and rusting. The timber we use is susceptible neither, ensuring your garage will look good now and in many years’ time.


Oak garage: quick installation


The creation of a metal garage can take many days, if not weeks. This is because the metal used in construction is barely malleable and hard to work with. On the other hand, oak garages can take only a couple of days to construct. This is mainly due to the fact that oak is easily pliable and simple to work with if you have the correct tools.

Oak is unique when compared to strengthened metal in that it can become many beautiful things. While metal can be transformed into fascinating constructions, creating something beautiful with oak is undoubtedly easier.


The construction procedure of an oak garage is fairly dry, when compared with the construction process of a brick and mortar garage. Bricks and mortar have a slower drying time, meaning that electric and plaster works cannot take place quickly. The opposite can be said of oak, which dries quickly.


Oak garage: oak is easy to maintain


Nobody wants to spend all of their time maintaining their metal garage so it doesn’t become rusty or discoloured! You want to be relaxing, not looking after your garage.


It’s unspoken that oak is a material that is maintenance free; everyone in the industry knows it! Without delving too much into the science, it is known that the natural properties contained within the timber change over time depending on the environment the oak is in. Ultimately, this means that oak is easy to maintain as you have very little to do.


Oak can be sealed and treated as part of the construction process and over time. This process can maintain the original colour of the oak, ensuring it looks beautiful for years to come. You do not have to seal and treat oak, however. While unsealed and treated oak will naturally change colour over time with the seasons, it requires very little maintenance. On the other hand, if you seal and treat oak, it will require resealing and retreating each year.


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