Are Oak Frame Buildings Worth the Effort?

oak framed buildings


This question often arises when we discuss oak frame buildings with potential customers – are oak frame buildings really worth the effort?


You need to have the money, the time and the work force to do it for you – is it really worth all the effort of arranging and paying for it?


The simple answer is yes.


Whilst it might be obvious that we would say oak frame buildings are worth it, there’s genuine reason behind the fact that we say this.


Not only is it good for you right now but it is also good for you in the long run.


Interested to find out why oak frame buildings are worth the effort? We’ve explained in some more detail here.


Not cheap but valuable


We’re not going to lie to you – oak isn’t the cheapest of building materials.


Despite the fact that it isn’t cheap, it isn’t that expensive either considering the value that it adds to your property.


Whilst each property is individual, we’re certain that it will add value to your property due to how beautiful and unique it really is.


Holds Appeal


An oak framed building is truly beautiful and we’re envious of anybody who gets to enjoy it.


It is truly appealing and despite the fact that it has had a bit of a resurgence other the last few years in construction, it is still extremely unique.


It isn’t often you come across an oak framed building so it really adds value to your property as it is truly unique.


Building with Oak is quicker


Builders love working with oak for its outstanding qualities such as strength and durability.


Not only does this make your builders more motivated to work but there’s also another advantage to oak frames over brick and mortar construction.


Oak frames can be pre-constructed which means they can be created separately from the construction site then shipped and assembled to and on the site.


This means that the build time is much quicker than other materials that are often used in construction.


Oak framed buildings have been demonstrated to be constructed 30% quicker than masonry.


With oak, you can have your dream house looking beautiful quicker!


Planning Permission


In construction, you never really know if you’re going to need planning permission or not.


Unfortunately, that’s no different with oak. You might need planning permission but you also might not.


Whilst the fact you might need planning permission isn’t a reason why oak framed buildings are worth the effort, it does demonstrate that this isn’t going to result in more work than any other form of construction.


Many Uses


Oak is truly brilliant.


Not only is it absolutely beautiful, valuable and easy to construct with, it also has many uses so that it can be used to construct a range of different things.


Of course, the main use is for oak framed buildings. Using oak to build an entire house is a fantastic way of demonstrating consistency and sustainability. You can also decide how you want your home to appear: Would you like it to appear traditional or ultra-modern? Small or big? With oak framed buildings, you can really decide what you want to do – it isn’t restrictive at all.


Fancy an extension to your current property? You can have an oak extension. An oak extension is a brilliant addition to any house and your oak extension can have many uses such as becoming a wonderful dining room or living space.

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