Oak Conservatory: 5 reasons it’s worth the money

oak conservatory


It might seem like splashing out on an oak conservatory is counterproductive when you’re trying to save money. You’re probably wondering why we’re telling you to spend that little bit more when you can get a uPVC conservatory for less. There’s actually multiple reasons why it’s worth stretching your budget for an oak conservatory – here’s 5, explained. And, in the end, it’s demonstrated that oak is cheaper in the long run.


Oak Conservatory: Environmentally Friendly


It’s obvious: oak conservatories are much better for the environment than their uPVC counterparts. For those who didn’t know, uPVC isn’t great for the environment. In fact, it’s bad; the production of uPVC emits injurious carbon emissions. Not only is the creation of uPVC conservatories harmful to the environment, it’s also dangerous for the environment when it inevitably needs replacing a few years down the line: uPVC is not biodegradable; the result of this is that it’s going to sit in a landfill for years to come as it will not naturally decompose like other options (oak being one of those possibilities). Oak is a better option for sustaining the environment as it doesn’t have a carbon footprint. It can also be used for other projects once its time as a conservatory is over.


Oak Conservatory: Long Lifetime


You’ll have no problem maintaining a uPVC conservatory for years to come: it’s very easy to clean and maintain the appearance; all it needs is a wipe down every so often. Despite this, no matter what you do in terms of maintenance, a uPVC conservatory isn’t likely to last more than 30 years. On the other hand, an oak conservatory can triple this, potentially lasting over 100 years. Due to the qualities of oak, it has been known to last for centuries if correctly treated. That alone means that it’s cost effective: for every oak conservatory, you would potentially need 3 uPVC versions.


Oak Conservatory: Striking and Stylish


UPVC has its uses but is it really what you want one of the most predominant features of your home to be created from? On the other hand, oak is a beautiful wood, perfect for the focal point of your property. It’s certain to add a touch of elegance to any home, something you miss out on when you choose to have a conservatory made with uPVC.


Oak Conservatory: Classic and Distinctive


Oak: An irrefutably timeless classic. It has been used for elegant construction for decades, meaning it’s a staple of beautiful constructions. It’s a truly exceptional addition to any home, completely transforming a blank home into something which will attract envious glances from most who pass by. Even compared to other timbers, it’s distinctive colour means that you can always tell the quality of the wood. On the other hand, uPVC is a generic choice. Oak is a fantastic unique selling point if you decide that you’d like to move to a new house.


Oak Conservatory: Little Maintenance Needed


You probably have a busy life. Your conservatory should be relaxing, not another chore. You’re not going to want to clean it every day. Oak requires little maintenance whereas uPVC requires a lot of attention to keep it looking its best. Sometimes – especially with white – uPVC will need cleaning weekly.

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