Garden Room Extensions


If you are considering a garden room extension then the first thing to ask yourself is what will you use the new room for? We detail a few ideas for you below, bear in mind that the best garden room extensions connect your home with your garden seamlessly and provide a natural transfer from inside to outside and vice versa.


An extension from the Kitchen


Garden room extensions are a great place to create areas for relaxation and can be a great linking point from your kitchen to your outside space. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home so how fabulous would it be to create a larger space with a link to the garden for when you are entertaining. You can use a piece of furniture to define the separation from the kitchen but leave enough space for people to go through so it feels like a larger space for people to gather.


An extension from the Living Room


A garden room extension from the living room can extend the area that you already have for your family to relax. Adding the extension would allow for a larger space for your family to share quality time and an ability to join this to your beautiful garden so you can enjoy, the views, the scents or the light more. Depending which country you live in the number of days that you can sit outside can obviously range from just a few weeks in the summer to most of the year if you’re lucky to live in a great climate. With a garden room extension you can still enjoy the elements of the garden whilst keeping some control over the heat and comfort around you.


Paragon Oak can help


At Paragon Oak we will work with you to understand your brief and using our experience in oak framed extensions will bring to life a custom design that you can understand to help you visualise what can be achieved with your garden room extension. We will help you consider blending other aspects such as glass and stone as well as ensuring lighting and interior design is integrated with the overall feel desired.


If you are interested in an oak garden room extension that wows please get in touch with us to discuss your vision.

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