Mr & Mrs Butterfield

Part of Mr and Mrs Butterfield’s 250 year old property was badly damaged by a fire and they were understandably upset at the considerable loss. We were approached by highly regarded local architect, One17 Design, to work with them to rebuild the property using century’s old techniques and sourcing original beams. This was a very challenging and rewarding project for all involved, leading to us winning other work within the property. Mr and Mrs Butterfield have written such a thorough testimonial that we’ll let them tell their story:


“After a major house fire at Wolfstone Heights Farm, we needed a company to reconstruct all of the exposed oak roof structure that formed one of the major features of the oldest part of our 250 year old house destroyed by the fire.


“We wanted to replicate in every detail what existed originally, including sourcing 250 year old oak beams, to ensure the whole structure was remanufactured in the original way, and installed as part of the house rebuild, using only a series of photographs as reference.


“My wife and I, together with our very demanding architect, entrusted Paul and his team from Paragon Oak to bring this project to life. They could not have done more to make this happen, including everything from sourcing the perfect timber to recreate the beams, to reintroducing manufacturing techniques that no longer exist to ensure every detail was completely perfect and an exact recreation of 250 year old structures”.

Garden Room 


“As part of extending Wolfstone Heights Farm, my wife and I wanted to create a traditional looking garden room that would blend in with the age and character of the house. We didn’t want anything ‘off the shelf’ or standard, but at the same time didn’t know what could be achieved or understand what was possible.


“Paul and the team at Paragon Oak listened to the initial brief in terms of character and the required use of traditional oak, and brought to life a custom design that we could understand. They helped us visualise what could be achieved in blending natural oak, stone slates and glass, whilst at the same time managing to incorporate really exciting lighting effects and an interior that completely integrated with the overall feel of the house.


“We are completely delighted with the end result and just as importantly, the care and attention Paul and team put into making this challenging project come together, in quite demanding timescales.


“We would recommend that anyone undertaking this type of work come and look at what Paragon Oak has achieved for us”.


Richard & Sandra Butterfield

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