Benefits of an Oak Framed Garage


Benefits of an Oak Framed Garage

Why choose an oak framed garage over a garage constructed from brick or stone? The truth is that there are many excellent reasons for choosing an oak framed garage.

Firstly, an oak framed garage will the aesthetic appeal which a brick built garage will lack. An oak framed garage will add that touch of luxury and class to your home. It will also add a great deal of value and kerb appeal to your property.

Secondly, oak is a durable material which will stand the test of time. Oak framed buildings actually improve with age rather like a fine wine.

Extremely Versatile

Another compelling reason to choose an oak framed garage is that oak is a sustainable material making it the obvious choice for those concerned about the environment. The final and probably the most convincing argument in favour of oak is its versatility.

An oak framed garage can be constructed to suit any requirement.

Oak is an extremely versatile material. It can be a one or two storey construction. It can be open fronted or fitted with doors.

It can be constructed with up to five bays (ideal for that classic car collection). It can double as a gym, studio, workshop, games room, log store or even as a home office.

Bespoke Designs


When constructing an oak framed building the choice is yours. The roof space can be converted to be used as an extra bedroom. It can be constructed to be used as a stable block with tack rooms, loose boxes and feed rooms. The options are, quite simply, limitless.

Here at Paragon Oak we supply high class oak framed buildings to customers right across the UK. All the oak we use is quality assured and comes from FSC certified sawmills.

This means that all our oak comes from sustainable sources. Our oak framed garages are crafted by our own experienced oak framers whose professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.

About Paragon Oak


Choose Paragon Oak to craft your oak framed garage and you will not be disappointed. Our planning team can make sure that your oak framed garage is exactly what you require and we can even help with building regulations and planning permissions if this is required.

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