Benefits of an Oak Framed Building

Oak Framed Farm Shops

Here at Paragon Oak, we specialise in the creation of beautiful oak framed buildings for both private and commercial customers. 


From our base in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, we supply quality oak framed constructions to customers across the UK. Our oak framers are expert in the skills necessary to produce high quality oak framed structures guaranteed to last.


In today’s blog we take a look at the various benefits of an oak framed building.

Natural and Environmentally Friendly

Oak is a fabulous building material which allows for flexibility of construction whilst not compromising on strength or durability.


Oak’s flexibility means that it can be used to create any type of building including: houses and swimming pools, garden rooms and extensions, garages and stables, orangeries and conservatories and porches and gazebos. It can also be used to build commercial properties such as restaurants and farm shops.


All the oak used by Paragon Oak comes from sustainable, managed forests so our customers can rest assured that, for every tree cut down, many more will be planted helping to reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere. 


Oak is a completely natural material, consequently oak framed constructions exude a warmth and sense of comfort which man made materials simply cannot emulate. Oak is a breathable material which helps a building maintain a more healthy living environment.



An oak framed building will dry out naturally once construction is completed and a certain amount of shrinkage and splitting may take place. This is to be expected and will not affect the underlying strength and integrity of the structure. 


In fact, once completed, an oak framed building needs very little maintenance. The green oak we use in our constructions can be left bare and untreated – indeed many of our customers prefer it this way. 


The untreated oak will then turn silver grey over time. Other customers wish to preserve the colour of the oak as it looks when newly constructed, in which case, the oak timbers can be treated with oil to preserve that newly constructed look. 


Oiling would then need to be repeated every couple of years to avoid the timbers having a patchy appearance.

About Paragon Oak


Here at Paragon Oak we have our own team of designers and engineers who are well used to producing beautiful bespoke oak framed buildings using traditional techniques. We can design an oak framed building from scratch, working alongside the customer, or we can work from architectural drawings.


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